First blog post

This is my very first post. Suddenly I was looking for the transcript of Suburgatory and had an idea of creating my own blog to write down all things that I do on my day, all people I meet, as well as improve my English. I think my English is really bad despite the fact that I’m adept at grammar but obviously it doesn’t make any sense, huh?

I am now a teaching assistant at American Academy, an English center in DaNang city. Anyway, Do you now DaNang? It’s a beautiful city in the center of Vietnam, my hometown. It is claimed to be one of the most worth living cities all over the world. I think so but it’s only worth for old people, I mean those who just want peace and don’t enjoy hustle-and-bustle life.

Back to my job, it’s my first part-time job. I started working as a TA since last July. At first, it was really hard for me. I’m not a person who enjoys playing with children, I can say that I hate children, hate the sounds of crying, screaming, etc. It annoyed me a lot. Also foreign teachers, who scare me much at the first time. I’m pretty confident when talking with a Vietnamese but when I meet a foreigner, I totally stammer. I don’t know that to do, which topic to talk, and I’m like a chump that was really really dumb af, haha.

Now I’m familiar with this job and sometimes feel stressed very much. I’m not the one who can easily settle down and satisfy with what’s going on. I want to change and do new kinds of stuff, not only sitting there and translating what teachers said and appease children. Did I tell you that I’m a business student, not a foreign language student, which people always think of me? I enjoy working in that field.

Finally, it’s too late for me. I’m gonna sleep now. Goodnight everyone. Hope that I am able to keep motivated to blog everything in my own life.

Ps: I know that my writing style is not good so I really appreciate that if anyone comment on this blog. Thank you.